You Just Opened Your Business & Then This Happens!


You just finished getting everything done with opening up your new business. You think you are compliant until you open your mailbox and find a letter saying you need to buy a $94 Labor Law Compliance Poster. 😒 If you do not purchase the poster, you are not compliant and may have to pay a fine for it. Then the fear sets in!! You’re probably thinking, "Oh dang, I thought I was good"! Well, let me assure you that first off you don’t need the poster if you do not have any employees. Secondly, you can get said poster to download for free from your State's business website.

Lastly, the person that sent you the poster does not work for the government. It says it on the envelope. The letter does not have an official government seal. The email address in the letter does not work because I sent them one. Sadly, it is really unfortunate to see that people will use the fear factor to scam people into paying a crazy amount of dollars on something that they can easily get for free from their state. My advice is if something comes in the mail or email seeming legit. Always double-check and do your research to make sure. I felt that the letter wasn’t legit. So I hopped on the computer and started searching. What solidified my disbelief is what I found on the Better Business Bureau. So if you are unsure, you are usually right! Don’t let someone scam you on your adventure of entrepreneurship. 😉

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