It's Nice To Meet You


Hello, I am the owner of KT Web & Graphic Design LLC!

I grew up with a love for art and creativity. Some in the family would say it was a trait passed down through our family generations. As a child, I was into drawing, crafting, designing, and knitting. I always tried to express what was in my head in some sort of artistic way. In school, my favorite subject was art next to history. I always look forward to that. 

When I reached high school, I joined a Vocational School for graphic arts. Commercial Graphic Design (CGD) is where the world opened up for me in ways I couldn't have imagined. I discovered my passion for art in the form of graphic design and photography.

What got me into web design and development was after a few career changes. The last place I worked at opened an opportunity to learn a new skill. I was given the tools to learn all things about web design/development. I was so excited to be able to use my graphic design background in a new way. I mean what a dynamic duo, a web developer with a graphic design background. Now I hope that with everything I have learned, I can create unique and functional websites for my clients. I plan to change the world, one website at a time!

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Instagram: @ktwebgraphicdesign