My First Year Working Solo

I had the honor to receive the business as sole owner. Honestly, I was afraid and feeling out of my element. To run a business all by myself in my mind was out of the question. Yet, here we were working through all the hoops to make that happen. Now I can say that I am grateful for this opportunity. It has been almost a full year since the reigns of the business have been given to me. I can say that I am so proud of myself and everything that I have accomplished so far. I would like to share a few things I have learned from this experience.

1. Relying on myself. 
I was so used to sharing the workload with someone else. Now everything was my responsibility. Creating lists and setting schedules has most certainly helped me keep my head above water when things tend to get busy. 

2. Taking a break is okay.
I can tell you when I am not working on the business. I am thinking about it. Sometimes it is hard for me to take my business hat off at the end of the day. Usually, I am constantly researching, learning, and trying to improve this business. One thing that I have learned is taking a break is okay. That is doesn't make you lazy or unproductive. By taking a break or resting, you are being productive. You do not want to overwhelm yourself or cause yourself to burn out. Take breaks when you need to. Do something that takes your mind off of your work. 

These two have been the top things that I have learned so far. I am sure there is more. I may make another post about them in due time. If you are on the adventure of sole proprietor, congratulations! I hope for absolute success for you. If you are considering starting your own business, do it! 

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