3 Simple Ways To Secure Your WordPress Website

We all look for security but even more so when it comes to our websites. Having a website is a large undertaking when there are really good hackers among us. With that threat you want to make sure your asset is secure from the predators out there. 

The best advice I can give is make "Admin" your username to login into your website. That is what hackers are looking for to be able to break into your site. You can make it "YourName-Admin" or "YourNameAdmin". Just anything other than plain old "Admin".
Also, the strength of your password is very important. Make sure that it is complicated. One that is hard to crack. I'm sorry but "Password" is just not a good password. LOL

Limited Login Attempts is a free plugin that you can install on your website. It will notify you of attempts of logins to your website. 

This is a paid plugin that has extra sets to keep your website secure from hackers.

Also, I do want to put this out there that WordPress websites aren't they only ones subjected to hackers. ALL websites are subjected to hackers. So check on how you can secure your site via the platform you use. Your website is an investment and it needs to be protected. 

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